Webmentiond supports FontAwesome Pro icons (5.x) for some UI elements inside the admin backend. Because FontAwesome has a proprietary license, though, we cannot ship it with webmentiond. In order to still see those fancy icons in the UI you have to do the following:

  1. Download the Pro package for web from
  2. Extract and upload it to your server and put it into a folder where your webserver (e.g. nginx, Caddy, Apache) can reach it.
  3. The last step depends on your configuration. If you serve the admin backend through then instruct your webserver to serve the FontAwesome folder through

With Caddy this would mean, that you need to add something like this:

route /webmentions/ui/fontawesome/* {
    uri strip_prefix /webmentions/ui/fontawesome/
    root * /srv/www/path/to/fontawesome-pro-5.13.0-web/