Imagine you know some sites that regularly mention your content and that you trust to not spam you. By default, these would still have to go through a manual approval process before their links show up on your site. Policies allow you to define, for instance, auto-approval for those sites so that their links show up right away after the verification step.

Webmentiond stores such policies inside the url_policies table of the database which has three primary properties:

  1. The URL pattern (regular expression) for which a policy should apply.
  2. A policy that should be executed if the given URL matches.
  3. A weight in case multiple policies match a certain URL. The lower the weight, the earlier it is considered.

Webmentiond checks this table every couple of seconds for changed or new policies and applies them to webmentions during the verification phase. Right now, only a single policy is supported: approve. This means that a mention's source that matches a policy's URL pattern and that passes verification is automatically approved and does not require the administrator to manually approve it.

At this point, policies cannot be configured through the UI yet. Instead, you have to manually add policies to the database:

('^https://zerokspot.com/', 'approve', 1);