Install webmentiond from source (Linux or macOS)

The default way to run webmentiond is using Docker. If you don't have the option, you can also build the whole application from source. For this you'll need to have the following components installed:

  • Go 1.16 or newer
  • NodeJS 12 or newer

Build the backend

cd cmd/webmentiond
go build -o ../../webmentiond

This will produce the webmentiond binary file in the root folder of this project.

Build the frontend

cd frontend
yarn run webpack --mode production

This will produce production JavaScript files that you can then serve using your HTTP server or from the backend when using the --ui-path setting.

Running the build

Now you have a fully working build of the application including the frontend. For actually executing it you will also set some environment variables and flags that are documented in the getting-started guide and the configuration reference.